Stand with us and demand transparency in New Mexico elections!

Nine out of ten New Mexicans agree: We deserve to know who is funding our elected officials. 

Are you one of us?

Rich special interests hide behind "dark money" groups while trying to influence New Mexico's elections.

Every election, they spend more and more cash to influence the electorate. Millions of dollars to sway public opinion without voters being able to tell who they are, how much they are spending, or what they demand in return. 

Change is long overdue. We deserve transparency in our elections and accountability for our elected officials. 

Sign the petition and demand disclosure, transparency, and citizen engagement in state government. Sign now and lets Take Back Our Republic!


GOAL: 1,000 signatures

Will you sign?

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  • Travis Bicher
  • Dionnr Shirley
    Dionne Shirley
  • Gail Bearden
  • Steve Piersol
    Corrupted elections= corrupted government
  • Jill Saylor
  • Bobbi Flanagan
    Bobbi Flanagan
  • Janis Rowe
  • D Stirling
    We must demand! Judges are stopped from circumventing their Sodom and Gomorrah views on the bench! We must have Law and Order in our country! In our States! Common Sense! Look at California it’s becoming a cesspool of sewage! Why in the hell don’t their citizens speak up! Protest right on the judges/politicians front steps! If you break the law! You get Consequences! If not what the hell are we teaching our kids at home, with “house rules” “respect for one another” that these things are now at the window, That there’s no Consequence for bad behavior!? Judges and Politicians had better look into the future, of what is happening to our country, without Law and Order! Look what our own intelligence is doing in DC! My GOD where does it stop? THE CORRUPTION ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!
  • Brian Hillyer
  • Jack Lechalk
  • Anne Wilder
  • Catherine Hensley
  • Gilbert Montez
    Gilbert Montez
  • Christopher White
    Sign the petition: Stand with us as we fight for more transparency and accountability in New Mexico elections!
  • Christopher White
  • Avelino Chavarria
    Sign the petition: Stand with us as we fight for more transparency and accountability in New Mexico elections!
  • Avelino Chavarria
  • Lorenza Gabaree
  • Sylvia Moreschini
  • Roxanne Scanlon
    Roxanne Scanlon
  • Briah Jardin
  • sherri kalman
  • Craig O'Hare
  • melanie eads
  • Eric Ferdig
    I would go a step further. I would disallow any money coming from outside the area affected by the election. In other words, for state elections, no out of state money. For city elections, no out of town money.
  • Javier Rios
  • Bonnie Studler
  • Margarita Sanchez
  • Curtis Michaels
    Curtis M Michaels
  • Brenda Dyer